Short-term Program at Canadore College, Canada

Peking University Founder Technology College cooperates with Canadore College with a one to four months, twice per year exchange program. Students can volunteer to play a part without any language requirements. Students in Founder College can choose to study corresponding courses based on their majors together with the local and international students at Canadore College.

In addition, Canadore College also provides four-hour English courses conducted by the foreign teachers per day for our students in order to help them improve their language skills as fast as possible. During the visit, the exchange students will be lead to many local public places such as fire department, police station, hospital, primary school, farm and so on to let the students know more about Canadian culture. Students also have the opportunity to visit various important Canadian cities and scenic spots like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City and the Great Falls. At the end of the program, certificates will be issued by to the exchange students by Canadore College.

Based on the situation that the students majored in nursing are lacking in Canada and to satisfy the aspirations that a large number of domestic students wish to go abroad for employment and immigration, Founder College and Canadore College jointly set up PSW International Private Nursing specialty.

Canadore College is one of the 24 public colleges in Ontario, Canada. The campus is located in North Bay, a very beautiful northern city three-hour drive from Toronto. In addition to the advantages of first-rate faculty team and small class teaching, the college is equipped with world-class medical teaching equipment. Teachers focus on training the applied students who are occupied with practical skills.

PSW International Private Nursing specialty enables you to spend the least money and the shortest time to get a job and immigrate to Canada. Students can be recommended for employment by the school and those who meet the requirements can apply for immigration without the pressure of high tuition fees.