Schools of Electronic Information

Introduction to the School of Electronic Information

The School of Electronic Information currently has four teaching departments: Software and Big Data, Network and Cloud Computing, Media Arts and Aviation Electromechanical, with Software Technology, Big Data Technology and Application, Computer Network Technology, Information Security and Management, Animation Production Technology, Film and Television Editing, Virtual Reality Application Technology, Aircraft Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Maintenance and UAV Application Technology and other majors and fields. For 17 years, relying on Founder Group's information technology industry and technological advantages, more than 10,000 skilled and practical talents have been trained for the capital and national development of related industries.

There are Computer Application and Software Technology Training Base, Communication and Three Network Fusion Training Base, Mobile Application Development Training Base and other training bases supported by central finance.

There are more than 30 full-time teachers. In addition, a number of senior technical experts from Founder International and Founder Electronics have been hired to guide the construction of various majors. There are more than 3 well-known industry enterprises as the counterparts internship employment units in our school. Our students have achieved outstanding results in Beijing and National Vocational Students Skills Competition and won the first prize many times.

Introduction to the School of Electronic Information

Software Technology

It is the key construction major of higher vocational demonstration school and Beijing higher vocational demonstration major. It has the software technology training base and mobile application development training base supported by the central financial support. It has won the first prize in the mobile Internet application development competition of the National Vocational College Skills Competition for many times. The teacher team is the professional innovation team of Beijing, which integrates industry with education. In addition, the unique “project immersive” teaching method can help you to enjoy the mobile Internet+ world easily and freely, so that you can unconsciously finish the gorgeous turn of students to professional people.

Core courses: Java programming, HTML5 web front-end design, Java Web programming technology, PHP and MySQL dynamic website development, Android application development, project research and development comprehensive training, employment and entrepreneurship guidance.

Career Track: Software Development Engineer (Junior--Intermediate --Senior) --System Architect--Project Manager / Product Manager--Chief Technical Officer (CTO) / Product Director

Big Data Technology and Application

In the era of big data, data is king. From big data acquisition, processing, analysis to application development, a large number of jobs related to big data emerge. If you want to be a wise man in data, you should come to Founder Technology College: first-class teaching team, excellent training environment and order-based training mode to help you realize your dream as soon as possible. This major cooperates closely with Beijing Big Data Research Institute, Beijing Pukai Data Company and other companies to train specialized talents for Famous Big Data Enterprises in Zhong Guancun and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Industrial Park in Langfang and so on.

Core Courses: Python/Java Programming Design, Data Acquisition and Web Crawler, Python Data Analysis and Application, Data Cleaning Technology and Tools, Hadoop/Spark Big Data Framework Application, Big Data Case Analysis Training

Career track:Big Data Operations and Maintenance Management: Big Data Operations and Maintenance Engineer-Senior Big Data Operations and Maintenance Engineer-Big Data Architect

Big Data Application Development: Big Data Development Engineer - Senior Big Data Development Engineer - Director of Big Data Project

Information Security and Management

“Without network security, there will be no national security.” The major cultivates students to be high-quality skilled talents who master computer network technology, information security management technology, and are engaged in information security operation and maintenance management, research, design, development and application of computer security products in the fields of information security deployment and implementation, information security management and service. Professional innovative entrepreneurs are emerging, such as Chen Xinlong, founder of Witkey Safety Platform, Liu Jianhao, the first person to crack Tesla in the world. They are all hotshots from this major!

Core Courses: Network Programming, Linux System Security Management, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Network Penetration Testing and Defense, Information Security Management, Network Security Equipment Configuration and Maintenance, Cryptography

Career track: Network Administrator-Network Engineer-Information Security Engineer-Information System Technologist/Project Manager

Computer Network Technology

This major is the key construction major of Beijing higher vocational demonstration school and the pilot major of Beijing “3+2” school-running reform connecting secondary and higher vocational education. The major cultivates high-quality skilled personnel who have mastered computer network technology knowledge and skills and are engaged in computer network construction, network engineering implementation, network equipment configuration, network operation and maintenance, website construction, network application development, etc. in the field of computer network technology, information technology, communications technology. Cite real business cases, strengthen core skills training, Cisco, Red Hat, Huawei certification is your choice!

Core Courses: CCNA, Network Server Configuration, Security Attack and Defense Technology, Network System Reinforcement and Management, Internet of Things System Integration Project Training, Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology, Website Background Database Management, Website Development and Maintenance Project Training

Career Track: Network Administrator-Network Engineer--System Architect-Technical Expert/Project Manager

Virtual Reality Application Technology

As a new professional and technical field, virtual reality specialty serves the industries of VR film and television production, VR games, medical health, architecture, industrial design, military aerospace, cultural relics and monuments.

We have innovative teaching ideas, high-quality teachers, good training links, and cooperate with Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Virtual Reality Cooperative Innovation Research Institute to train high-quality workers and technical personnel for VR production, virtual reality application and other fields.

Industrial Design (3D Printing Technology and Application)

In 2015 and 2016, our students won two second awards in “Industrial Product Modeling Design and Rapid Prototyping” of National Vocational College Skills Competition, which is the best achievement of the Beijing team in history. In 2014, our college was granted the national patent of “modular human body structure” for 3D printing applications. Students can enter the studio to participate in project production and improve practical ability through project-based teaching.

The major trains students to master design methods and application methods of 3D printers, and have professional operation abilities such as product innovation design, operation of 3D printers and post-processing of 3D models. After graduation, students can engaged in 3D printer operation, sales services, creative digital model production and high-tech 3D printing operation and maintenance work in personalized customized stores, 3D printer production companies, educational and training institutions, automobile manufacturing enterprises, medical and health institutions as well as cultural relics protection units. They can become high-quality skilled talents.

Art Design

Task-based teaching mode is used to cultivate students' solid software ability and strengthen their practical ability. It covers UI design, mobile application product development, e-book production, advertising design and other learning contents, which enable students to have graphic design, icon design, cross-platform visual design and interactive design, creative product design and other capabilities. After graduation, they can engaged in UI visual design, layout design, interactive design, graphic design, product modeling design and other work of high-quality technology in mobile application product development companies, advertising companies or game companies.

Film and TV Director

This major covers all aspects of film and television director work from film and television planning, film and television scriptwriter, film and television shooting, post-editing to film synthesis, which embeds actual and simulated projects into the curriculum, creating a highly simulated teaching and training environment. We strive to cultivate professional talents with comprehensive qualities, such as film and television production, scriptwriter, video recording, editing, planning and directing ability to help you become a leader in TV, film and television production companies, advertising companies, new media and other industries.

Main Courses: Photography/Camera, Film and Television Planning, Writing, Special Film/Publicity Film Shooting, Editing, Coloring, Special Effect Packaging

Career Track: Cameraman - Editor - Copyright - Planning - Film and Television Director - Project Manager

Animation Production Technology

It is the demonstration major of Higher Vocational Education in Beijing and key construction major of Beijing Higher Vocational Demonstration School. In 2014 and 2016, our college won three first prizes, one second prize, and won the national championship in National Vocational College Skills Competition “Animation Production” competition. We adopt the unique "project-driven" teaching mode and improve the practical ability with the teaching mode of "business case explanation + actual combat". It trains high-quality laborers and technicians who can engage in film and television animation, film and television advertising, column packaging, post-production and other fields in TV stations, film and television companies or game companies.

Main courses: MAYA three-dimensional animation, film and television packaging creativity, promotional film production, AE advertising special effects, special effects packaging, Da Vinci film and television color mixing

Career Track: Film Editor-Film Packager-Film Animator-Film Producer

Maintenance of Aircraft Mechanical and Electrical Equipment (Canadian Direction)

The vigorous development of civil aviation requires a professional team of high-quality personnel. The major is to train high-quality professional and skilled personnel who have the theoretical knowledge and basic skills of civil aircraft maintenance and can be engaged in aircraft maintenance work in airlines, aircraft maintenance enterprises and general airlines. This major adopts such teaching modes as in-depth school-enterprise cooperation and order-based training, and strengthens skills training and professional accomplishment. It has provided a large number of professional and technical personnel for Beijing Capital Airport and Beijing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company. At the same time, this major also cooperates with Canada College to provide students with opportunities to study abroad and guarantee high-paying employment.

Core Courses: Aircraft Maintenance Technology Foundation, Aircraft Structure and System, Turbine Engine, Sheet Metal and Riveting Training, Accessory Detection and Maintenance Training, Engine Maintenance Training, etc.

Career track: Aircraft Maintenance worker—Aircraft Maintenance Assistant engineer--Aircraft Maintenance engineer--Aircraft Maintenance Releaser

UAV Application Technology

With the rapid development of UAV industry, a professional team of high-quality talents is needed. Students can fulfill their dreams and get their future achievements! The major of UAV application technology is to cultivate high-quality technical talents with professional qualities of "technical excellence, service, standard and responsibility", and who can master relevant knowledge and practical skills of UAV driving control, data processing and other aspects, and engage in UAV application and management in the fields of aerial photography measurement, agricultural plant protection. This major adopts deep school-enterprise cooperative teaching mode. Enterprise engineers go into the classroom, and teach the students hand to hand. The students of this major can obtain the professional qualification certificate of UAV pilot or captain issued by AOPA of CAAC.

Core courses: UAV structure and system, UAV aerial photography technology, UAV aerial measurement technology, UAV assembly and debugging training, UAV simulated flight training, UAV flight control skills training and video editing, etc

Career path: UAV pilot -- UAV captain -- drone instructor

Introduction to the School of Electronic Information

The Internet of Things and Mobile Communication Training Lab is built in 2011, with the financial support of Beijing Private Education Development and Promotion Project and the central finance funded training base construction project.

There are 50 sets of major network communication equipment in this lab, including wireless sensor network experiment system, RFID and integrated communication experiment system, ARM embedded teaching experiment system, wireless router and core switch, etc. It can accommodate 40 computer network technology majors for experiments (training) and undertake the teaching and practical training of “Embedded Application Development”, “Internet of Things Application Technology” and other relevant courses. The training is to strengthen  students' expertise and skills in the key design of sensing layer, transport layer and application layer of IOT system, so as to enable students to obtain professional practice ability in designing, constructing, installing, commissioning and maintaining WSN, the RFID system, local area network (LAN), and security monitoring systems, and lay a good foundation for graduation practice and employment.

Three Network Fusion and Program-controlled Exchange Training Lab is built in 2011 with the financial support of the central finance funded training base construction project.

There are 73 sets of major equipment in this training lab, including ZTE ZXJ10 program-controlled digital telephone interchanger, ZTE ZXECS IBX 1000 general service switching equipment, ZTE EPON local side equipment C200, and video conference system, etc. It can accommodate 40 computer communication majors for experiments (training) and undertake the teaching and training of “Modern Program-controlled Exchange Technology”, “Three Network Fusion Project Training” and other relevant courses. This training is to strengthen students' professional practical abilities in communication technology including mobile LTE technology, short-distance wireless transmission technology, three network fusion technology, and mobile Internet application development, and lay a good foundation for students' graduation practice and employment.

The Integrated Wiring Training Lab is built in 2011 with the financial support of Beijing Private Education Development and Promotion Project.

There are 40 sets of major equipment in this training lab, including integrated wiring and layout training devices, integrated wiring fault detection devices, all steel structure integrated wiring training wall, integrated wiring kit, metal toolbox, network tester, anti-theft alarm unit, patrol system training module, etc. It can accommodate 40 computer network technology majors for experiments (training) and undertake the teaching and practical training of "Integrated Wiring" and other relevant courses. The training is to strengthen students' practical operational capability of integrated wiring and professional practical ability of planning, designing and implementing independent projects, and lay a good foundation for students' graduation practice and employment.

Communication Security Training Lab is built in 2011 with the financial support of the central finance funded training base construction project.

There are 35 sets of major network communications and information safety equipment in this training lab, including Ruijie Firewall, intrusion detection system, router, three-layer switch, main control network equipment, topological linker, cloud virtual network platform, etc. which can accommodate 35 Computer Network majors for experiments (practical training) and undertake the teaching and training of "Network Planning and System Management Training", "Website Development and Operation and Maintenance Project Training" and other relevant courses. The training is to strengthen students' professional practical ability of designing, building and maintaining small and medium-sized enterprise network, and lay a good foundation for students' graduation practice and employment.

Introduction to the School of Electronic Information

Li Xueqin

Excellent Young Backbone Teacher of Beijing in 2018

She combines the curriculum with the skills required by the post and teaches students in accordance with their aptitude.

She gets up early running to work in the morning and works day and night in the laboratory. She is good at quoting and citing extensively in the classes and tends to stimulate students' imagination. She innovates boldly, teaches through lively activities, improves herself constantly and pursues excellence. A variety of brilliant achievements are the evidences of the footnotes of her life. She leads the road for students with one brand-new goal after another. Because of her perseverance and tenacity, teachers and students describe her as the booming steel rose on campus.

Zhong Lin

Excellent Young Backbone Teacher of Beijing in 2018

During 12 years of teaching, he has instructed his students to participate the National Vocational College Skills Competition for five times and won three national champions.

He works day and night and overcomes a variety of difficulties; he is practical and devotes himself to work heart and soul. All of these show his strong sense of responsibility and diligence. In his world, the sound of tapping on keyboards and students’ laughter are the most beautiful music. He practices a teacher's love and responsibility with his practical actions.

Zhu Song

Young Teaching Master of Beijing colleges and universities in 2018

He has been teaching for ten years, and has tutored students to become champions of the National Vocational College Skills Competition.

He changes the traditional teaching methods and implements “Flipped Classroom” with the mobile intelligent teaching platform -- Moso Teach Class. He upholds the student-centered idea and thus further improves classroom atmosphere. Besides, he also actively promotes useful, interesting and effective classroom construction.

He is a good teacher and friend in the eyes of students. He is also a sunny boy of his colleagues. He treats his career with patience and sincerity and seeds success with hard work and sweat.