General Education Center

Introduction to General Education Center

The General Education Center is a second-level teaching school responsible for the general management of general education courses and general cultural communication. It has always followed the basic requirements of transmitting science and humanities spirit, improving students' personality quality and promoting the coordinated development of students' knowledge, ability and quality, and persisted in the duty of cultivating high-quality professional talents with all-round moral, intellectual, physical, artistic and labor development. There are three core concepts: adhere to the "truthfulness, goodness, beauty" training concept, adhere to the coordinated development of science, humanities and art, and cultivate versatile talents with meticulous logical thinking, good humanistic accomplishment and glorious emotions. The four course modules are public fundamental courses (science and humanities), political theory courses (civilization and rule of law), English courses (occupation and international), physical education courses (life and sports). Our course features are: change the traditional teaching methods, widely apply information-based teaching; fully activate the second classroom with rich and colorful after-class activities; adhere to the service innovation consciousness, inter-integration professional education; broaden the knowledge horizon of students, shape healthy and perfect personality, train students’ humanistic feelings and sense of social mission.

Introduction to School of General Education Center


Having PE in the first and second grade and getting the required credits is one of the necessary conditions for students to graduate. 

1. Physical fitness test: in the first semester of freshman year and sophomore year, physical fitness test was conducted, which includes height, weight, standing long jump, lung capacity, sitting-body forward bend, sit-up (female), pull-up (male), 50m, 800m (female), 1000m (male).

2. Course content: according to the actual teaching conditions of our school, football, volleyball and aerobics are offered in the first grade students; and martial arts, aerobics, basketball are opened for the second-grade students.

Fundamentals of Applied Mathematics

The foundation of applied mathematics is an important basic theory course of computer science and technology, information management, economic management and other majors. It is the improvement and deepening of middle school mathematics, which lays the foundation of professional courses.

The course follows the principles of "less but better", "must" and "enough". First the limit theory is introduced, which is used as the tool for discussion, and especially as the basis for continuous function of derivative and differential, indefinite integral and definite integral discussion research. This enables students to master the most important basic theory and basic methods of the function calculus theory. At the same time, through application of the theory and method, the students are taught to better solve the math theory and practical problems in life, which lay the good foundation for the follow-up courses.

Practical writing

Practical writing is one of the important tools during the operating of enterprises and institutions. Every day there are thousands of files in production, travel, which require students to have high level writing ability which can make them be a winner in the workplace. The fate may be changed immediately by a mail, a writing. So, the students need to accumulate more while reading, and to practice more writing frequently in our daily life to enhance the level of writing and lay a solid professional foundation.

In this class we pay attention to teaching reform and research, by adopting the combination of in-class extracurricular and online learning, the introduction of infiltration in teaching professional awareness, professional quality and professional emotion education. This improves the students' writing level and the humanities accomplishment, form good practical writing thinking and be able to write a standard common application document to adapt to the current and future writing needs in the study, life and work.

Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis

"When the young thrive, the country thrives. " The younger generation of a country is fundamental in the development of the country, and ideological education is the key of their education. So, concerning basic problems of what talents to cultivate and how to cultivate, our school comprehensively optimized the way of ideological and moral education teaching by many years of exploration in this course.

An introduction to Mao Zedong thoughts and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Through the study of the historical achievements of the Sinicization of Marxism, this course mainly guides students to use Marxist positions, views and methods, to enhance the implementation of the party's basic line and basic program of consciousness and determination. It is the historical mission entrusted to college students in the new era to take an active part in the great practice of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

Introduction to General Education Center

Liu Chen

Excellent Young Backbone Teacher of Beijing in 2018

The leader of Ideology and Politics Course Teaching Reform

He creates the “Three Have” class with flexible teaching forms, such as inviting school brothers and sisters to walk into the classes, creating a kind of unique campus help culture. He is full of passion and humor, enthusiastic and sunny. Of course, his classes are the most popular with the students in the campus. He is a political teacher, but he has made extraordinary achievements in the ordinary position.