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Peking University Founder Technology College (PFC) was established in 2002 approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. It is a full-time private higher vocational college registered by the Ministry of Education. It is a legal entity approved by the Beijing Municipal Organization Commission. The college is founded by state-owned assets, with a total asset of 801.8 million yuan and a library collection of 330,000 volumes. The Party Committee and the Youth League Committee of the College are respectively affiliated to the Party Committee and Youth League Committee of Peking University.

Since its establishment, the college has relied on the 100-year cultural heritage of Peking University and the abundant strength of Founder Group, adheres to the school policy of “standardizing management, feature education, pursuing excellence, and sustainable development”, and is committed to cultivating professional and international talents with modern professional spirit and good professional skills for new economy and new industries. In 2012, the college was rated as “Demonstrative Higher Vocational College in Beijing”. With the support of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the college has entered a new period of development, and made significant achievements in terms of discipline construction, talent cultivation, teaching staff construction, teaching and research, etc.

There are 25 majors totally in School of Electronic Information, School of Health Management, School of International Education, School of Continuing Education, and General Education Center in our college. In recent years, we have successively built a number of Beijing Demonstrative Training Bases supported by central government finance on campus, such as “Computer Application and Software Technology Training Base”, “Digital Art Center”, “Mobile Application Development Training Base”, “Nursing Skills Training Center”, “Communication and Three Network Fusion Training Base”, and signed agreements with a number of well-known enterprises and institutions outside school to carry out all-round cooperation in specialty construction, technical services, teachers training, internship training, etc., providing wide opportunities for internships and training for teachers and students and continuously promoting higher vocational education teaching reform and talent cultivation. The graduate employment rate continues to grow, with average employment rate as high as 99.6% in the recent three years.

We have long laid emphasis on the construction of the teaching staff. Through work-teaching combination, school-enterprise rotation, we have established a human-oriented, specialized and professional double-qualified teaching team, and senior technical professors from Peking University and first-line technical backbones from Founder branches work as major leaders. Teachers have undertaken and participated in nearly 100 projects of the Ministry of Education, the Industry Steering Commission, and other institutes in Beijing. They have developed 162 courses with independent intellectual property, and many excellent courses have been adopted by similar institutions across the country. Under the leadership of outstanding teachers, students have won many awards in various competitions, and won 36 national awards including 6 first prizes and 7 second prizes in the National Vocational Students Skills Competition.

The college adheres to the path of international development. At present, we have established close cooperative relations with colleges and educational institutions in many countries and regions, including the United States, Britain, Canada, and Taiwan. Students can choose projects such as short-term exchanges, interchanges, or study tours abroad to experience the diversity of learning life in different regions.

All the teachers and students of PFC are aiming at serving the economic construction of the capital, focusing on specialty construction, and deepening the reform and innovation of the talent cultivation model of “School-enterprise integration, work-study cooperation” through “enterprise-run schools and school-run enterprises”, striding towards the goal of becoming the most distinctive higher vocational college in the whole country.

PFC now has five secondary schools: School of Electronic Information, School of Health Management, School of International Education, School of Continuing Education, and General Education Center. There are 25 existing majors: Software Technology, Big Data Application Technology, Computer Network Technology, Information Security and Management, Internet of Things Application Technology, Electronic Information Engineering Technology, Animation Production Technology, Art Design, Film and Television Editing, Industrial Design, Aircraft Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Maintenance, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) Application Technology, Virtual Reality Application Technology, Nursing, Medical Equipment Application Technology, Community Rehabilitation, Elderly Services and Management, Accounting, Business Management, Securities and Futures, Tourism Management, International Business, Civil Aviation Transportation, Preschool Education, Catering Management.