Schools of International Education

Introduction to the School of International Education

The School of International Education has been committed to cultivating international skilled talents that meet market needs and meet the requirements of the capital's economic development. This school covers subject categories including international business, management, economics, and education. It has more than 3,000 graduates and nearly 500 students at school. The school adheres to the principle of international teaching and professional research. Since 2004, we have organized and implemented study, exchange and study abroad programs for teachers and students to Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan and other countries and regions for many times. At the same time, on the basis of international education, we vigorously promotes the combination of work-study and vocational education mode, conducts order-based training with companies such as Founder Securities, Capital Airport Group and Beijing Global Experimental Kindergarten, cooperates with enterprises such as Beijing Jingkelong Commercial Group Co., Ltd and Luneng Group in the training of working and learning  alternation talents, and participates in professional construction projects such as Hainan Vocational Education Center and Jiangsu Yancheng Peking University Science and Technology Park. We have abundant faculty. More than 90% of the full-time teachers have master's degrees and rich practical experience, and a large number of senior industry personnel are employed as part-time teachers in our school. The teaching effect has been significantly transformed.

Introduction to the School of International Education

International Business (England)

This major cooperates with Chichester University to cultivate students under the mode of "electronic information + international communication + business management" which help students develop comprehensively in the field of international business. In addition to professional skills, this major will focus on cultivating students' English language ability, and send students to the UK to study language and professional courses for one month, so as to prepare for further study in the UK or high salary employment in China after graduation.

Civil Aviation Transportation

As Beijing's first higher vocational college which recruits students of civil aviation transportation, we are the first that creates the teaching mode of combining "aviation education" and "digital technology". By practicing in the powerful comprehensive training rooms and the civil aviation digital simulation cabin training rooms, a large number of talents have been able to work for Capital Airport and Shenzhen Airline, etc. The program also has many years of international cooperation with Canador College in Canada, which provides students with multiple opportunities for international exchange and learning.

Preschool Education

Pre-school education is a teacher-cultivating major approved by the Ministry of Education. In order to adapt to the international development trend of pre-school education, the school, on the basis of cultivating students' basic theories, skills and arts, offers Ielts courses for students at the beginning, middle and senior levels, and sends students to Canador College in Canada to have a professional study for one semester. At the same time, through the whole process of in-class internship, education internship, the students’ professions and their jobs are seamlessly docked.

Securities and Futures (Founder Securities Order Class)

By integrating high-quality resources of the college with Founder Securities, Anxin securities, Pacific Securities, etc, we can jointly cultivate the students' professional skills and literacy, and we can do job-oriented practice and employment. At the same time, through introducing financial enterprise project into the campus, the students can have a zero docking with the enterprise practice.

Food and Beverage Management

As the only vocational college in Beijing that has catering management major, its students went to Canador College to learn English and professional course study in the third semester, which quickly improves professional English ability, and at the same time, can improve food production and management skills as well. This is a very good preparation for high-level internship employment, self-employment and immigration. At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate from Canador College in Canada.

Accounting (Jingkelong Work-Study Class)

Our college has cooperated with the state-owned Beijing Jingkelong Group co., LTD. We learned from the "dual system" of Germany, and adopted the training mode of working and studying alternately. Enterprises pay tuition fees and provide free accommodation for students. Universities and enterprises jointly conduct talent training and management according to the job capacity needs, including financial management and store manager assistant.

Business Administration

By cooperating with Luneng Group, Sinopec group etc., this profession trains the student to fully grasp the process of every link of enterprise management. Relying on two platforms of the school and the enterprise, students can study in a real professional project teaching, and experience the real work process to get work experience. This enables them to have the strong ability of employment and career development space, and let high-quality skilled talents be able to engage in administration, business management, marketing and human resources management in industrial and commercial enterprises, public institutions and government departments.

Tourism Management (Work-Study Class)

The work-study class is jointly built with Beijing Capital Airport Group hotels: Jingrui Hotel and Ruiheim Idyllic Resort. We learned from the "dual system" of Germany, and adopted the training mode of working and studying alternately. This makes the student to have management and basic service skills in managing hotel lobbies, guest rooms, catering, recreation, conferences and exhibitions, which enable students to directly sign employment agreement with the enterprise, or to be high-quality skilled personnel engaging in hotel management at the grass-roots level management positions and catering management in both star-level hotels and .,mhgcatering enterprises.

Introduction to the School of International Education

Ma Aijuan

Excellent Young Backbone Teacher of Beijing in 2018

She initiates various forms of English activities and gives rise to a climax for teachers and students to learn English; she organizes short-term exchanges in Canada and helps students to go global.

During 15 years of teaching, she has students all over the world; during the fifteen years, she works hard, studies constantly and won numerous awards. Looking back, she has already harvested successful achievements. She, with the period of fifteen years of spring and autumn, helps students fall in love with English. She pays tribute to the time without regrets with down-to-earth educational work.