College won the Third Prize in the National Virtual Reality (VR) Design and Production Competition

On June 1, the National Vocational College Skills Competition "Virtual Reality (VR) Design and Production" ended in Nanjing. A team composed of three students, Huang Jingdian, Liu Xinhao and Tong Hui, majored in Software Technology and Animation Production with the directed teacher Li Wei, from Founder School of Software Technology competed with 80 strong teams from all over the country. Finally, they withstood the pressure of the first attendance of the competition and won the third prize.

Based on the job requirements of virtual reality (VR) design and production area, this competition focuses on the five abilities of competitors such as VR work planning and document production, VR work designed by VR editor, 3D modeling of VR model material, VR work produced by VR engine and professional quality. The School of Software Technology of Founder College is composed of students majoring in Software Technology and Animation, who prepared for the competition through disciplines. In just three months, they have won the third prize of the national competition, which fully demonstrates the students' strong learning ability, hard work, courage to meet challenges and strive to move forward.

Virtual Reality industry is a national strategic emerging one with a broad development prospect. The "Virtual Reality Application Technology major has also joined the Ministry of education's Higher Vocational Professional catalog in 2018. Peking University Founder Technology College was approved to open this major in 2019, and jointly established "Founder Virtual Reality Engineer College of Peking University" with Beijing Tianjin Hebei Virtual Reality Collaborative Innovation Research Institute to conduct teaching transformation of VR key technologies in the industrial chain. The students not only received the professional training of "3DMAX high precision model making" and other industry-leading professional training in the school of engineering, but also had the opportunity to participate in the production of large-scale commercial projects. The unity 3d engine designated for this competition is the VR model making basic software used by students in the "panoramic interaction" business project. The actual combat has improved the students' professional skills and laid a solid foundation for the competition to achieve good results.