"Internet +" Promotes Industrial Innovation, College Won the Second Prize in the National Competition of Mobile Development

The mobile Internet Application Software Development Competition for higher vocational groups, the national vocational college skills competition was held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province from May 31to June 3. 103 teams from 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions participated in the competition, with the coverage and scale of the competition creating a new record. In the fierce competition, Li Wenhao, Fan Yuhua and Zhang Mengchao, majored in Software Technology, kept calm and fearless and won the group second prize.

The National Vocational College Skills Competition is the highest-levelled and largest national student competition in the field of vocational education. "Mobile Internet Application Development" games have been held seven sessions since the opening in 2013, the games stick to the current situation, from the Wisdom Agriculture to Intelligent Transportation, from Mobile Communications to Internet +, constantly adapting to 5 G, Big Data and Wisdom City such as new technology, new model, new forms and new application development, leading the school professional teaching reform, meeting the national Internet + strategy development of the urgent demand for software talents.

Software Technology is the earliest and most basic major offered by the college. After 18 years of accumulation, it has developed into an "Electronic Information +" professional cluster extending to Big Data, Mobile Internet, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and other directions. At the end of 2018, the college signed a strategic agreement with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei big data innovation and application center to carry out cooperation in personnel training, faculty construction and social services, so as to meet the needs of high-end industrial restructuring and cultivate applied talents in the field of big data and artificial intelligence.

The broad development prospect of mobile Internet promotes the rapid development of IT vocational education. Peking University Founder Technology College takes advantage of the IT industry of Founder Group, carries out the series of deep cooperation between colleges and enterprises with Founder International and Founder Puhua company, invites engineers to teach on the platform, brings the actual production projects into the classroom and ensures synchronous updating of teaching content and industry development. This is not only a powerful guarantee for continuous 7-year award winning but also a reservation of a large number of talents with dreams.

The future will be an era of mobile Internet and Artificial Intelligence. Only when IT vocational education is deeply integrated into the trend, can IT better serve economic development and industrial upgrading and provide more fresh blood for the development of China's mobile Internet industry.