Forge Ahead on the Road--- Huang Kan and the delegation, member and Deputy Director came to our college for inspection and guidance.

On March 7th, Huang Kan, Member and Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Education Committee, Ji Yunpeng, Deputy Director of Private Higher Education Department of Beijing Municipal Education Committee, Zhu Shengli, Supervisor of Beijing Municipal Education Committee and Liaison Officer of Party construction visited our college for inspection and guidance. Ma Jianbin, Vice President of Peking University Founder Group and Director of the college, Zhao Junxia, Vice President of Peking University Resources Group and Director of the college, Pan Xiufeng, President of Peking University Founder Education Group and Director of the college accompanied them.

The leaders pushed doors and listened to lectures, made a field investigation of the running conditions of the college, education and teaching, safety and health, asked about details of each link of teaching and practice, training room construction and use, information construction, security monitoring, and canteen and food hygiene, etc.,  and put forward the specific guidance. After listening to the work report of President Pan Xiufeng, Director huang kan, on behalf of the two committees of education, affirmed the work of the college over the past year and expressed hope for the future development of the college.

In comprehensive nursing, basic nursing, pediatric medical training rooms of the training center, leaders learned about the nursing faculty and students in detail, and proposed attracting more excellent talents in the industry to participate in vocational education and teaching. The major of nursing meets the demand of economic development of the capital, and has the most potential for development, thus should be subdivided into specialized direction, combined with information technology. Thus we must increase the intensity of training, encourage students to participate in skills contest, pay close attention to the cultivation of students' professional ability.

During the inspection of the monitoring room, the leaders pointed out that monitoring should realize full coverage of key areas and make full use of safety protection of the monitoring system and contribute to the establishment of a safe campus.

In the student service center, Director Huang asked the students who were on duty at the service window some questions: "Can freshmen still come back to school after they became soldiers?" "What is your school's poverty assessment policy?" ... Huang was very satisfied with the students' answers. He said that the students who served in the window represented the school, Beijing Municipal Education Commission and National Ministry of Education. Only with a precise grasp of the policies could the good national policies benefit the students.

In the cultural and creative practice factory and the electronic and electrical integrated training room, the leaders inquired about the students' usage and operation safety of the training room in detail, with special emphasis on the safety education of the training process.

Finally, the leaders came to our newly transformed sunshine hall. Director Huang still concerned about problem of students' safety most, he said, "safety is no trivial", and asked to take necessary protective measures on the stage, and do a good job of remote network access to the lecture hall, enabling students to learn Beijing's high level lectures in distance. The leaders listened to the College Youth League Committee on the spot about the report of students’ activities, appreciated students’ original video music works and affirmed the achievements of students’ cultural and sports work.

After the visit, leaders had a discussion. President Pan Xiufeng elaborated the construction of our college in the past year, about four aspects, namely, the running idea, the running conditions, the building of the core team and the connotation construction, as well as the preparation for the Spring semester and future development ideas.

Ma Jianbin, Vice President, said on behalf of the organizers that the school will re-establish standards and awareness, implement the specific requirements, and increase investment and support for the college. He hoped that the leaders of the college and all the staff can build an international and high-level university with their dreams, passions and beliefs. 

Director Huang Kan, on behalf of the two committees of education, recognized and supported the development and changes of the college. He mainly talked about three experiences:

Firstly, situation and task. On February 13, 2019, the National Implementation Plan for Vocational Education Reform (20 articles on vocational education) was unveiled, which ushered in an unprecedented good opportunity for vocational education. Beijing vocational education has defined two basic demand-oriented positioning, one is to serve the sophisticated industrial structure, the other is to serve the high - quality people's livelihood needs. Director Huang believes that big data and other information technology majors and nursing majors in our college exactly meet the two needs.

Secondly, features and advantages. First of all, the college has institutional advantages, which include the brand of Peking University and the enterprise support of Founder Group. Well-known enterprises provide the college with unique advantages of integration of industry and education. Secondly, the school has advantages in majors. Information technology is the earliest and most basic major in the college, while information technology is the fastest growing field in the world. The school should increase research on the forefront of the industry to provide guidance for education and teaching. in addition, the college has geographical advantages. Located in the hinterland of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the college can serve as a medium for the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei vocational education and a bridge for the connection between education and industrial resources.

Thirdly, construction and improvement. Director Huang put forward that the most important thing for the construction and promotion is to further clarify the orientation of running schools, do something, do not do something, and further promote the innovation of system and mechanism; Give full play to the advantages of industrial enterprises and promote the integration of industry and education; Strengthen the construction of the teaching staff and cultivate excellent teachers with noble ethics and exquisite skills; Standardize school running. He also pointed out that the college should strengthen security management, including campus security, political security and network technology security.

Leaders put forward higher request for our college after the inspection, and strengthened determination of our focus on vocational education, establishing high level, the first-class international colleges. We believe that with the help of superior leaders’ help and support, the college faculty and staff will insist on vocational education and responsibility, try to do well in education and teaching, form characteristics, improve quality, forge forward on the road!