The UK

Brief Introduction to the Exchange Culture Program of the University of Chichester

The University of Chichester was founded in 1839 in West Saxony, England. Its two campuses are located in Chichester City and Bognergis, a seaside resort, which is only an hour's drive from London. All courses are arranged in small classes that one teacher takes charge of 15 students which only ranks after Oxford and Cambridge. It pays close attention to humanistic concern and its students' satisfaction ranks seventh in the UK.

The Exchange Culture Program between Founder College and the University of Chichester is an important measure for developing the internationalization of talent training of our college. On the basis of the visiting group to Chichester University in the past, it has opened up a cultural exchange platform for students. Founder college are also keeping active contact with Chichester University. At the same time, Founder college has attached great support to the program, which provides precondition for the smooth progress of the visiting process. The exchange program is a good platform for students to acquire international vision and experience international environment and various cultural atmosphere, which is a great way to train more excellent international talents for our College.